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Hair Restoration

Vampire Treatment for Hair Restoration

Did you know that restoring hair growth is possible by injecting platelet-rich plasma into the scalp? Recognized for its healing properties, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a way to get your luscious locks back in no time!

What is PRP therapy for hair loss?

An all-natural procedure, PRP effectively contains essential proteins that stimulate hair growth. Known as the Vampire Treatment, it is an option to revitalized hair follicles and patch up bald spots.

How does it work?

Blood is taken from the patient and processed to remove the PRP. The PRP is injected back into the scalp where hair loss has occurred. It works by stimulating repair cells and rejuvenating the dying follicles.


The Vampire Treatment can revive dying follicles and increase blood supply in the scalp, making it a healthier environment for hair to grow. When injected back into the scalp, it acts like a fertilizer – regenerating and thickening hair.

If you’re suffering from thinning hair and bald spots, using your own blood could be a great way to get your hair growing again!

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I really love Dr. Beals and her method of treatment overall - that includes ALL her staff who have been absolutely wonderful. Its obvious they love their jobs as well. I also wholeheartedly approve of the whole 'concierge' type approach to patients and their treatment by Grace Medical. I have few complaints and those are related to billing only.


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