Some people fear getting poked repeatedly with a needle because the health care professional can’t clearly view the veins, AccuVein is here to help!

AccuVein vein visualization technology helps improve aesthetic procedures by providing better vein visibility. The AccuVein AV400, a non-contact, lightweight, portable vein illumination device, provides a visual road map of the patient’s vasculature on the surface of the skin.

The ability to visualize a patient’s unique anatomy facilitates vein avoidance with refined needle placement to minimize bruising during injectable procedures. It also helps in sclerotherapy procedures to identify feeder veins, so the source of spider vein clusters can be treated.

Helping patient satisfaction, controlling cost, and patient care, vein visualization is proven technology. It helps locate the veins in procedures like blood draw, IV starts, cosmetic, and vascular operations. AccuVein reduces the risk of not finding the correct vein, which is a win in our book!

Vein illumination allows health care professionals to see a map of peripheral veins on the skin’s surface with the goal of improving venipuncture. Sick of having to have needles stuck multiple times? AccuVein ensures we only have to do it once!

Stop by today to discuss with Dr. Beals how AccuVein’s vein viewing system could be used to help you today.

Information in this article was provided by AccuVein.

Happy Clients!

I really love Dr. Beals and her method of treatment overall - that includes ALL her staff who have been absolutely wonderful. Its obvious they love their jobs as well. I also wholeheartedly approve of the whole 'concierge' type approach to patients and their treatment by Grace Medical. I have few complaints and those are related to billing only.


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