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One of the most ubiquitous regions in the female anatomy, the labia and vagina, can alter as you age. This dynamic tissue allows for birth of children but can have devastating consequences. Even if you have never given birth, activities like bike riding, horseback riding, and running can result in unwanted changes in this area.

Atrophy or loss of the labia will cause pain with intercourse, urination, even wearing some clothing. The same aging process occurs here as it does all over the body. The labia majora undergo fat melting” or a lipodystrophy creating a loss of volume. The skin starts to look deflated and wrinkled. It is the loss of the support structure under the skin that leads to the chronic inflammation. Symptoms such as vaginal itching, dull or sharp pain in the pelvic area, recurrent vaginal or urinary infections can occur.

There are other more serious causes such as cancer, connective tissue disease, immunosuppression resulting in multiple infections, endocrine disorders: diabetes, thyroid, hormone imbalance that need to be ruled out first. But if all you have is loss of the subcutaneous tissue then consider this.  Replacing the structure of the labia allows for the tissue to move normal again instead of getting pinched or torn. Restoring the fat under the skin returns the estrogen production aiding to lubrication.

How can this be done? Fat, Fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma: all 3 techniques will do the job.

Fillers are temporary but are a good support structure to get started with. Fat lasts longer but there is more pain and down time. Alone or in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma you can get a safe, effective treatment with no down time. See, the filler or fat can be a good support structure like the beams of a house, but if you don’t fill in the walls with other tissue it will not last long. Platelet Rich Plasma can fill these spaces, replace the support beams and last longer. Platelet Rich Plasma treatment in the Labia or Wing Lift ™ has been proven to treat this and the diseases that contribute to it. Lichen sclerosis is an autoimmune connective disease that results in the destructive atrophy of vaginal tissue. The Wing Lift™ treatment has been proven to be an effective treatment (Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery).

Together with the O-Shot™ for female sexual dysfunction and incontinence, there are solutions for whatever the problem may be.

A note for women that cannot use estrogens: if you’re one of multiple women that have suffered the untoward effects of vaginal atrophy from lack of estrogen these treatments are safe and effective options.

Why is this so much more popular than ever before? Now we have non-surgical options that are just as effective or even more effective than surgery. If you have more question see our Web page on the O-shot™.

This is not for patients needing corrective surgery. Once your body has healed up from child birth these treatments can be utilized. Patient consultation is needed to see if these therapies will be of benefit. Patients being seen from a previous provider will need to have a consultation as well.