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Here at Healthy Skin Clinic, we have 7 lasers to serve you better. One of them, our ProFractional, can help restore your skin.

What is it? This is an ablative laser which removes tissue in a precise depth, width and temperature. It is like aerating the lawn.

Why is this necessary? Your body responds to the environment differently and this technology allows Dr. Beals to place the treatment where it is. Unlike more recent lasers, this one can be used on multiple skin types. It is an effective treatment for deeper skin problems that the MicroPen cannot get to.

Comfort is important goal with this laser. Dr. Beals has a multitude of therapies available.

Down time? The amount of time required to heal depends on the amount of tissue treated.

Is it effective? Yes. Thousands of people have been treated effectively.

Is medication required? Sometimes it is. On your consultation Dr. Beals will discuss your concerns and treat appropriately.

Who should consider this? Men and women that need deeper tissue corrections, have old acne scars or trauma scars. It can also help treat deep or superficial wrinkles and sagging skin.

Dr. Beals can use this alone or in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma-Vampire treatments to augment the repair and reshape the tissue. This originally started in treatment of scars and has led to areas all over the body.

Sometimes we will combine the ProFractional with a Micro laser peel to repair and regenerate the upper layers with the lower layers; like scalping the lawn and aerating at the same time.

If you’re considering this, you can check out one of our videos on acne scar repair: You tube link.