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Vaginal-Labial Rejuvenation is here.

One of the most ubiquitous regions in the female anatomy, the labia and vagina, can alter as you age. This dynamic tissue allows for birth of children but can have devastating consequences. Even if you have never given birth, activities like bike riding, horseback...

Awaken the Vampire in you this October

The Restorative Powers in blood can regenerate your tissue to a healthier state.  Anywhere your body needs it…Your blood is the key. Plasma therapy has come a long way. The science has proven it works. There are thousands of scientifically valid papers available on...

Is ProFractional for you? What is this about?

  Here at Healthy Skin Clinic, we have 7 lasers to serve you better. One of them, our ProFractional, can help restore your skin. What is it? This is an ablative laser which removes tissue in a precise depth, width and temperature. It is like aerating the lawn....