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As summer is drawing to a close and families are starting the new school year, we all take a break this weekend to rest up, recover and prepare for the coming fall. Celebrate the warmth and pending harvest with friends and family. Fun and play are the rule.

Some safety tips to consider:

Seat belts: Protect yourself on the way to your adventure’s.

Sun block: Although the temperatures are milder, the sun is still at the same ultraviolet level. So, keep up the good work and keep your skin looking bright clean and fresh.

Wash your hands and try not to drink after one another: Strep season is upon us.

Keep the water flowing: Staying hydrated keeps your body functioning at its best. Remember,70% of our bodies are water.

Don’t drink and drive: That’s what Uber is for.

September is a fast and furious month and we look forward to seeing you at our event: Fall Into a New You – September 26th!