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#1          “Wash Me”
Clean skin is the best way to start a new day. Just a few minutes in the morning and it helps you wake up.

#2          “Shave Me”

Guys stop by and try a sample of the Elta Md face wash. Use this instead of shaving cream – it is cheaper in the long run. Lower volume needed, and your skin will be softer and healthier.

#3          “Protect Me”

Easy step here: get a sunblock that has a moisturizer and pigment for coverage if needed. This saves you 2 steps. See our Elta Md SPF 46 for acne, SPF 40 for moisture, and SPF 41 for color and protection. Dr. Beals Melashade is a nice light tinted moisturizing cover for lighter skin types. See more information at http://healthyskin.wpengine.com/products/.

#4          “Hydrate Me”

Water is a cheap option to healthy skin. It keeps you moisturized from within.

#5          “Zit Attack”

No worries if you have a break out before a social event, we can help! With our extraction and in office medical treatments, you can be healed in less than 24 hours. Lasers offer a quick fix as well. Comfortable treatments with no down time, keep a look out for our video!