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The aging of our skin is just as complicated as the rest of our bodies and
as unpredictable. Just like second hand smoke, Ultraviolet exposure exists
all around us- and it is invisible. So, when your faced with these changes
we can help you find a solution.  There are a multitude of factors that can
predispose you to certain skin damage risk beyond your actual UV exposure.
Physical illness psychological stress, and genetic background have a drastic
effect on how your skin ages. Knowing how to protect you self is the first

Primary prevention for this and other medical problems includes: smoking
cessation, alcohol in moderation, seat belts, sunblock, clothing and hats.
Yes. I know this is basic information but it all helps.

Secondary prevention involves repair and remodel the injury. HOW?
You can start with a daily Hyaluronic acid cream potent enough to resurface
the top layers of your skin. Retinoid creams to treat the deeper texture and
mild wrinkles. Light therapy to treat the superficial skin, wrinkles,
sagging, and color changes. Platlet rich plasma Injections to repair
superficial skin, deep tissue and remodel structure. Chemical peels to help
some texture scaring and color correction.

Not sure you know what these changes entail: Fine lines and wrinkles, color
changes, textural changes, loss of pigment (solar elastosis), more pigment
(solar lentigos and freckles, ACNE? (solar comedomes and colloid milia),
bruises (solar purpura), scaring from sunburns, Actinic keratosis (tender
dry red scaly spots), skin cancer.

You may not be interested in the specifics but the good news is we can treat
and prevent these from occurring. How? See one of us for a free consultation
to see what you need. By having a Fotofacial treatment, you can reverse the
damage with this easy light treatment. No down time, safe, proven effective
and only takes an hour of your time. So, consider investing in your skins
health as well as the rest of your body.