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We love our men! Let’s celebrate. Here’s to their health, happiness and wellbeing! Cheers…

June, as you can imagine, is Men’s health month.  Father’s Day launches a week of Health awareness for Dad’s, Son’s, Husbands or Boyfriends.

Both men and women are import balance to the world we live in. Celebrate your life and your health. Consider seeing your health care provider for a check-up. Share this with a man in your life and get more active. Studies show that people that exercise or eat together stay healthier and happier.

Relationships are important. Now both men and women are taking steps to improve their internal and external health. Studies show that individual that take care of these areas stay in the same relationships longer and are happier with their significant other.

Some of you may find yourself wanting to look and feel better for your partner, yourself or maybe your back in the market and wanting to interact more socially.

Spare tires, double chins have a way of sneaking up on us when we weren’t looking. Yes, exercise and diet will help. Cool Sculpting can help you with the areas you struggle with or cross-fit doesn’t reach. Comfortable, effective and efficient- with no downtime. We have a special just for you.

Folliculitis and unwanted hair anywhere on the body can effectively be removed with the gentle touch of Hannah our laser technician. Combined with topical numbing cream formulated by Grace Compounding pharmacy, you can get those sensitive areas treated. Ears, Neck, Face, chest, back… If you need it removed, Hannah can help.

We have a BOGO Hair removal special for both men and women. By one area and get another smaller one for free.

The ironic problem men and women face with age is hair loss in the head and new hair growth in areas that never had it before. Our Vampire-PRP hair restoration has become quite popular. It is amazing to see the transformation of the skin and follicles over the subsequent month. Patients are very pleased within the first 2 weeks and continue to see improvement. The hair stops breaking, stops falling out, the hair becomes thicker and the follicles start to plump up and grow new ones! It is all very exciting. We still only have preliminary pictures, but I cannot wait for the final ones to be released.

The P-shot is another area men have shown improvement in both skin and muscle function of the penis. Priapism from trauma or other cause has been challenging to treat. PRP therapy has helped to restore the anatomical shape, physiologic functioning and with time sensitivity. Some patients require 2 treatments for maximum benefit.

PRP is a nice alternative to patients that have failed medical therapies. Call for a personal consultation today. Just ask for a PRP or Vampire consultation and our staff will know how to help.

Last but not least: FUNGAL TREATMENT FOR YOUR TOES; BY ONE GET ONE FREE! Make an appointment today.