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Great news for patients with headaches and chronic migraines.

In a follow-up study on the efficacy of neuromodulators to prevent headaches and chronic migraines BOTOX should be considered Level A in headache prevention and Level B improvement health-related qualify of life in chronic migraines.



The FDA has approved BOTOX for the following:

Indicated for prophylactic treatment of headaches in adults with chronic migraine, a distinct and severe neurological disorder characterized by patients with migraine history who suffer from headaches on 15 or more days/month. Headaches typically last four hours/day or longer.


The amount used for treatment is up to 155 u dose injection every 12 weeks depending on the patients clinical syndrome and metabolism of the drug. Other studies have shown lower dosages to be effective in just a singular area localized in the area only where the headaches occur. For example, injections the occipital muscles only for occipital migraines.


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