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Men’s Health Month

We love our men! Let’s celebrate. Here’s to their health, happiness and wellbeing! Cheers… June, as you can imagine, is Men’s health month.  Father’s Day launches a week of Health awareness for Dad’s, Son’s, Husbands or Boyfriends. Both men and women are import...

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What steps can I take for better health | Your Weekday Plan? On Monday To improve your physical and mental health, you can: Visit a doctor or nurse for a well-woman visit (checkup) and preventive screenings. Get active. Eat healthy. Pay attention to mental health,...

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National Mediterranean Month: May

The Mediterranean Diet (or Med Diet) reflects a way of eating that is traditional in the countries that surround the Mediterranean, but you don’t need to travel any further than your local supermarket to discover its delicious flavors and fresh foods. It’s easy to bring...

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Skin Cancer Awareness

Did you know… sunscreen is the best way to prevent skin cancer and premature aging? MAY IS SKIN CANCER AWARENESS MONTH With 3.5 million cases and over two million people diagnosed annually, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. But,...

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April is Rosacea Month at Healthy Skin Clinic

Rosacea can affect people differently! The location and the symptoms are as variable as the individual: Location:  Eyelids, conjunctiva, skin (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin) Skin changes: dilated capillaries, papule, pustules or red flushing Symptoms: burning,...

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Vampire O-Shot

Acne Treatments What Is The O-Shot®? The O-Shot®™ is a simple, nonsurgical procedure that uses the growth factors each woman has in her own body . Your cells will stimulate labial, vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation to coordinate the interactions of the Female Orgasm...

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Exciting Botox News

Great news for patients with headaches and chronic migraines. In a follow-up study on the efficacy of neuromodulators to prevent headaches and chronic migraines BOTOX should be considered Level A in headache prevention and Level B improvement health-related qualify of...

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Facial Scarring: What are your options? Acne vs. Aging

Scar formation is from a disorder of collagen and fibrinogen formation along the lines of injured sub dermal tissues; or otherwise stated, deregulation of the repair pattern in the dermis due to your immune systems response.  Sun damage, medications, hormones, stress,...

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Acne: Chronic Disease

ACNE is a chronic disease of the skin. It starts in preadolescence and, for some, lasts well into the 30s. There is an 80% inheritance factor from first degree relatives; these forms are more severe. The reasons for an increase in the number of adult women getting...

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Happy Clients!

I really love Dr. Beals and her method of treatment overall - that includes ALL her staff who have been absolutely wonderful. Its obvious they love their jobs as well. I also wholeheartedly approve of the whole 'consierge' type approach to patients and their treatment by Grace Medical. I have few complaints and those are related to billing only.


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