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Sun screen that has an spf 30 or higher will prevent the signs of aging and prevent skin cancer.

Let me appeal to your vanity….

We all want to look the best we can. Self-esteem is the best motivator I know to get all of us to make change in our skin care.It is not a diet. It requires no exercise. It is a topical cream to be applied to dry intact skin BEFORE you go in the sun.

Don’t Mistake moisturizing creams for sun blocks! Every face cream out there provides a temporary moisture barrier. It does not change your skin. It won’t treat wrinkles or change the color of your skin.

Yes, you can have a moisturizer with your sunblock, BUT remember the SPF #30! As always, the minerals titanium, zinc, and iron oxide are the best. Chemicals can inflame your skin. This results in a change in the color, texture and tone.